“Honest people that really help you to perform your Hajj in a best possible way. Put aside the minimal financial gain their God fearing component is viewed in their characters (Both father and sons) this stretchs them to their maximum limits in providing services. Allah Subhanahu wataala reward them. Ameen M. A REHMAN

Mohammed Khan

18th Feb 2020 | Ref: Trustpilot


 “Salam all… me and my husband went with this company for our Hajj in 2018, our experience was amazing, May every Muslim be called In’Shaa’Allah
Coming back to this company, it is a family run business and all are Friendly & accommodating. We were guided throughout and accommodation was ok, nothing to write home about…. food was nice. Elevator at the Mecca hotel was terrible, it only holds 4 people and always broke down , which isn’t Arif Hajj’s fault, I guess
Overall a tremendous experience, hard work to
May Allah Subhantallah bless uncle Arif, his son Altaf & his Familly
I would happily recommend this travel agency”

Tahira Mirza

13 Feb 2020 | Ref: Trustpilot

 “Me and my wife really enjoyed our experience with Arif Hajj group.
It was our first trip to the Holy land for Hajj in 2019 and the guidance we got was amazing. Everyone will have different opinions To how they feel about their journey. Personally it’s what you make of it yourself. I recommend Brother Arif and his family and team. They did a brilliant job.”

Tariq Malik

27th Jan 2020 | Ref: Facebook

“alhamdulilah went hajj with arif tours and I have to say best experience of my life,the brothers and the family were very helpful,would highly recommend to all

Akhtar Hussain

26th Jan 2020 | Ref: Facebook


Would recommend Arif Hajj and Umbra setvice all day long . Been on Hajj and Umbra with them with all my family , looked after every step of the way , the guidence and team leader service first class . Look forward to going with them in the future again in sha Allah”

Mr Tahier Sadiq

2nd March 2019 | Ref: Trustpilot


 “I went on Hajj (2017)with Arif hajj and umrah services with my husband and mother in law.My mother in law was in a wheelchair so Uncle Altaf and his family guided us throw our hajj, and made sure we got the best experiance on our hajj despite that my auntie was in a wheelchair. Everything went smoothly with no issues. We had a really good experiance that we decided to go to umrah(with Arif hajj and umrah services) in December 2018 with all my children and husband. Once again we had lovely experience and can’t thank Arif hajj and umrah services enough.I would highly recommend Arif hajj and umrah services to anyone thinking of going to hajj or umrah.

Rihana Kauser

15 Feb 2019 | Ref: Trustpilot

Hajj 2017..Uncle Arif and his 3 sons did an amazing job. They were transparent, clear, honest and reliable. The hotels and service were spot on.Well done to the team highly recommended them

Ihtsham Rafi

Deluxe Package – Hajj 2017 | Ref: Facebook

 “Really good group mashallah uncle Arif is really nice person makes people laugh very good human being mashallah we went hajj first time with them anti was lovely too great experience will go with them in future inshallah thank you very much for all the help and choosen best fresh dates. Mohammad Azam daughters from leeds.

Nabila Azam

Economy Package – Hajj 2017 | Ref: Facebook

An absolute amazing journey for me and my wife. From start to finish the attention to detail to make our journey as easy and fulfilling as possible was met. The team helped us every step of the way and were always on offer to help.Highly recommended and our journey will never be forgotten, thank you team Arif jazakallah.

Azmat Kahn

Economy Package – Hajj 2016 | Ref: Facebook

 “Hajj 2016 – Mr Arif and sons hosted me and my team @CBHUK during the days of Hajj in Mina. I witnessed the dedication and service to their pilgrims. With drinks and water available on demand in cooler boxes. Full continental breakfast and hot meals during lunchtime and dinner. Feedback from the pilgrims in their group were very positive. Group was well managed and went beyond what they promised. Thank you and may Allah bless you and your family in serving his guests.

Rashid Mogradia ( CEO @CBHUK)

Hajj 2016 Spot Inspection | Ref: Facebook

Altaf, Mahfooz and the group were fantastic. They supported us all the way through the umrah journey and the group we joined were all very helpful.

Irfan Shahed

Umrah 2017 | Ref: Facebook

Alhamdulillah completed Hajj with Arif Hajj and Umrah, Allah bless Haji Arif Sahib, Altaf Sahib, Aftab Sahib and Mahfooz Sahib who were brilliant in every way. I would recommend this group to all as they are very sincere and honest in their approach.InshAllah will travel with them again in the future and finally would like to mention Haji Siddique Sahib of Bradford who was also part of the team and was great. Allah bless all of them

Mano Hussain

Economy Package – Hajj 2016 | Ref: Facebook

It was my first time ever never been to hajj or umrah before. It was an unbelievable experience. Arif Hajj and Umrah services were brilliant they provided a very good service and i would highly recommend them. They looked after us well throughout the journey and especially because all the family went so the ladies had support from Altafs mum (cant remember her name). The young lads had Altaf and Mehfooz and not forgetting the older members had the company of Uncle Arif.

Razia Ahmed

Deluxe Package – Hajj 2017 | Ref: Facebook

“Ma shaa Allah a fantastic Hajj experience provided by Arif Hajj and Umrah. They were with us every step of the way, guided us throughout the journey and they definitely went the extra mile. They exceeded all our expectations, excellent food, clean and comfortable transport. We were a family of 10 from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Alhumdulillah every member was well impressed. We recommend Arif Hajj and Umrah wholeheartedly and may Allah increase them and reward them for their efforts and honesty. Thank you to all the management team and volunteers.”

Masud Azram

Economy Package- Hajj 2017 |Ref: Facebook

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